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  • Baoshan Reservoir
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About Baoshan

Baoshan Township

Baoshan Township is a good neighbor of Hsinchu Science Park. The Park, which is a place of economic significance for Hsinchu, has an extremely busy traffic with THSR and National Highway No. 1 and 3 all gathered in this place. Baoshan, 「Baoshan,on the other hand,has good mountains and waters. To supply industrial water to the Park, the Township has established Baoshan Reservoir and Baoer Reservoir, proving its importance to the Park. The Township, featuring quaternary diluvium, is sized 64km2 including 2,180 hectares of arable land. With high terrain in the Southeast and low in the northwest, the township has a flat gradient. Apart from spacious valleys in Shuangxi, the Township has mostly hills with altitude below 250 m. It has about 15,000 inhabitants and most of them are Hakka , Mandarin and immigrant residents, showing its characteristic of merging the hospitality, frugality and diligence of different ethnic groups. The recommended agricultural products of Baoshan include olive, oldham bamboo shoot, orange, grapefruit, star fruit, pear, camellia, brown sugar and free-range chicken. After years of promotion, these products are now renowned and highly rated in the market, bringing local farmers lots of benefits. Baoshan has, for five consecutive years, held the “Free Lunch Local Celebration Baoshan Township” cultural festival, which is now one of the top 12 Hakka festivals. In the meantime, it has been actively promoted “tea pavillon” as a part of the Hakka "Feng Cha" (literally means presenting the tea) culture and the magnificent “Twin Well”, which is full of local characteristic and legendary myth, in Baoshan Village.


Policies, Infrastructure and Vision

To make a better future for this region, Baoshan Township Office has not only been proactively promoted and reviewed the urban planning for the Township and for Hsinchu Science Park, but also speeded up the widening project of access roads. Both of the National Highway No. 1 and 2 pass through the Township and created a convenient transportation network. Plus its location next to the Science Park, Baoshan Township actually features with a unique traffic location. Widening the access roads can ease the traffic problems and bring in more tourists, helping to facilitate the development of tourism resources.

As Baoshan Township is formed mostly by hills, most of the roads were developed along the crest line, resulting limited road width that obstructs local developments. The township office will continue to strive for budget of developing, widening and improving major roads of the Township. For example, budgets for the projects of widening Sanfeng Road, Shanxian Road, Fengcheng Road, Shuanglin Road, Xinlin Road, Xinshan Road and Daya Road. The Office also stipulated remediation plans for its major rivers, including Keya River, Yangang River, Nankeng River and Shuiweigou River, and proactively strived for dredging budget. The Office will continue to enhance its river remediation and bridge reconstruction results with an anticipation of mitigating damages caused by flood disasters and protecting life and assets of its citizens.

Proactive Development of Tourism Resources and Leisure Agriculture

Despite of being in the neighborhood of the center of Hsinchu City and Hsinchu Science Park, the Township actually relies on agriculture as its source of income. Therefore, developing tourism and leisure agriculture will become the lifeline of the Township’s future development. Following the completion of Baoer Reservoir, the development of tourist attractions surrounding Baoshan Reservoir and Baoer Reservoir has become the Township’s most important policy. Besides, existing scenic spots such as the rice mill of Baoshan Village, agricultural and fishing leisure park of Youtian Village, charcoal kiln and trails in Sanfeng Village, sugar plant and candle art gallery in Xincheng, ecological and camellia parks in Shenjing, plus the promotion of local agricultural products including orange, olive, Oldham bamboo shoot, grapefruit, star fruit, camellia, brown sugar and free-range chicken, it is expected that the Township will be able to develop its unique tourism characteristics. Besides, the Township has submitted the rural regeneration plan to Soil and Water Conservation Bureau of Council of Agriculture for improving the environment of Xincheng Wind Sugar, Tianxinyuan Ecological Park, Shenjing Ecological Park, and Youtian Agricultural and Fishing Leisure Park. By promoting “Township of Olive”, “Village of Camellia” and ecological park, the Township aims to connect and merge all of its tourism resources to enable travellers to eat, play and see this land while experiencing its hospitality, so that they will not go back home with empty hands. Furthermore, it also plans to build Baoshan Township Ecological Park. The Park will not only become an educational demonstration area for water and soil conservation, but also a place that enable local residents – who rarely have a place to do leisure activities – to have a place to do sports, walk and relevant activities.